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Save up to 100% Discount with Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing is a very entertaining show on TLC that every person who wants to save must watch. ExtremeCouponing follows the daily lives of people who can get 90% to 100% discounts on their grocery purchases every week. Do you want to save this much too? Here are useful tips on how to become a really smart shopper and save like the people on Extreme Couponing!

Begin by buying multiple Sunday papers to get additional sets of coupons. Another technique I find very effective for Extreme Couponing is collecting coupons from circulars. Many people in Extreme Couponing ask their friends and neighbors for circulars. Other people even check at the recycling center to get free circulars. You can also get coupons from email newsletters, sent to your mailbox, and online. Learn how to use manufacturer coupons in combination with store coupons and sales for the best savings. Participants also keep very up to date on the store’s coupon policy.

Another interesting and wise trick many Extreme Couponing participants use is the way they organize their coupons and circulars. Most of them separate the pages of their Sunday papers or circulars. Then the identical pages are grouped and staple together. This way the coupons are neatly stacked. And if the Extreme Couponing participants need coupons, they can simultaneously clip away all of the coupons since all of them are together.

Another important thing to take note of is the use of organizers. You can never be prepared for the hectic world of bargain shopping if you do not have a good organizer for your coupons. Many participants of Extreme Couponing use binders with clear baseball cards inserts to organize their coupons. Extreme Couponing participants bring these binders on every shopping trip.

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Extreme Food Coupons Tips

USE YOUR FOOD COUPONS IN STORES WITH GOOD COUPON POLICIES. Many people try to buy in stores that sell their goods at lower prices. But this isn’t necessarily so when planning to use food coupons. Cheaper stores are not always the best option when using coupons. Look for stores that have awesome coupon policies. Before you visit a store, you may decide to call the store first.

USE YOUR FOOD COUPONS TO BUY SMALLER UNITS OF A PRODUCT. The smallest sizes of a brand often have the highest price per ounce. That’s why we grow up thinking it’s best to buy the biggest sizes of the product. By using your food coupons on the smallest units of the brand, you’ll be able to get an even lower price overall than buying huge sizes of the brand.

AVOID BRAND LOYALTY. When it comes to smart and frugal shopping, brand loyalty can be a problem. It’s understandable to prefer a brand you’ve used for years. But having preference is different from strict brand loyalty. Remember, your goal here is to save money. When you have brand loyalty, you may ignore other food coupons that have incredible offers if they are not for the brand you like. So becoming more flexible with your choices can end up paying off in the long run.

USE MULTIPLE FOOD COUPONS. As much as possible, try to use more than one coupon for every item you buy. By combining two food coupons you will be able to get even better discounts on the items you buy. Just remember to always ask about the store’s policy before you do this. You may combine two different food coupons like one manufacturer’s coupon and one store coupon.

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